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Besides the fact that we are founders/entrepreneurs, two of us are first and foremost fathers of school kids. In the last couple of years, they have experienced that our education system is not working smoothly (Ranked 16th, worse than USA in the recent PISA Study). This problem of school and education is getting carried home where it results in tension between children and their parents.

Here we want, NO here we must build a company which helps children and their parents to get through school without stress and be prepared for the life that follows their education.

We know that if we want to be at the forefront of digitalization, we must rely on the right people.


At cleverly you have the chance to be one of the first employee who builds the digital product which will help millions of children with their school education. You will be working at eye level directly with our CTO and technical Co-Founder Mike Gehrhardt (former CTO @FutureTV Group GmbH) in an agile team. Dream up ideas, discuss technical possibilities, assess tech alternatives and then quickly make it work. At cleverly we will challenge you. Our clients will challenge you. You will challenge our clients. You will challenge us. We will grow together and unleash the potential in each other.




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